Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Supporter Buys Control of “The Onion”


When Univision Communications bought a controlling stake in The Onion – 40% of it to be exact – as well as the option to buy up the rest of the satirical “news” corporation later on, the mainstream media forgot to mention that the new owner was in fact a top donor to the Clinton campaign.

The Intercept notes that Haim Saban is a key financial backer of Clinton’s campaign- Haim and Cheryl Saban have donated more than two million dollars to her campaign, and at least ten million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, Cheryl Saban is on the Foundation’s board of directors. Since 1989, the two have donated 16.1 million dollars to Democratic candidates.

In fact, Haim Sabam has sworn to give “as much as needed” to see Clinton elected, since “she would be great for the country and great for the world.” He also stated that “on issues I care about, [Clinton] is pristine plus.”

The New Yorker notes that Sabam’s “greatest concern,” he says, “is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship.”

He has openly admitted his game plan for engineering this relationship:

He has openly admitted his game plan for engineering this relationship:

“His “three ways to be influential in American politics,” he said, were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets. In 2002, he contributed seven million dollars toward the cost of a new building for the Democratic National Committee—one of the largest known donations ever made to an American political party. That year, he also founded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, in Washington, D.C. He considered buying The New Republic, but decided it wasn’t for him. He also tried to buy Time and Newsweek, but neither was available. He and his private-equity partners acquired Univision in 2007, and he has made repeated bids for the Los Angeles Times.”

“In 2002, Saban donated five million dollars to Bill Clinton’s Presidential library, and he has given more than five million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. In February, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a major policy address at the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, co-sponsored by the Saban Center. And last November Bill Clinton was a featured speaker at the Saban Forum, an annual conference attended by many high-level Israeli and U.S. government officials…”

So close was Saban to Bill Clinton that a close associate notes that he had said: ‘The President of the United States, wearing his boxers, is coming down the stairs, and I am going to have to stop talking and go have breakfast with him.’ ”


Saban was even able to use Bill Clinton as leverage for personal profit. When a deal was threatened by Brazilian regulatory obfuscations, he said ‘let me make a phone call — maybe I can get something done here.” Bill Clinton would go on to call the president of Brazil to settle the matter personally. Approval for the deal came through, and Saban made 1.5 billion dollars. In an apparent act of quid pro quo, he gave 5 million dollars to Clinton’s presidential library and a “record-breaking” $7 million to the Democratic Party- trickle down economics in real life.

In 2008, Saban had even offered one million dollars to the Young Democrats of America if they would commit two super delegates to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton’s candidacy is thus supported by a blatant propagandist – one of the best in the business, in fact. He has manipulated Bill Clinton, and he now manipulates Hillary Clinton for his own personal profit, and his pro-Israel agenda.

The Intercept notes that “the Onion’s lead story the day its sale to Univision was announced was Iranian Nuclear Scientists Hurriedly Flush 200 Pounds Of Enriched Uranium Down Toilet During Surprise U.N. Inspection.”

Hillary Clinton’s coverage at the Onion has also improved; the Free Thought Project highlighted an article published a few days before the deal was announced, where Hillary’s media adviser, Jim Margolis, urged “the woman — who overcame entrenched societal biases to build a successful legal career, became the first female senator elected in the state of New York, oversaw the Department of State during a period of widespread international tumult, and, if elected, would be the first female president in American history — to be more uplifting to voters.”

The Onion article does have one line critical of her: “Margolis added that Clinton was too much a part of the establishment she spent decades breaking down barriers to enter.”

Another article on Clinton was published a day after the deal was announced.

Univision’s purchase of The Onion, and Saban’s commitment to Clinton’s campaign, basically mean that Clinton’s message will soon reach the satirical website’s key demographic- millennials.

It is a demographic that she has not had much influence over. Yet.

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