Disillusioned ISIS Convert Reveals Details of 22,000 Jihadis in Stolen Documents


German media sites and Sky News have reported on a leaked cache of documents handed over by a disgruntled ISIS convert that is said to contain up to 22,000 names of ISIS recruits. More than a dozen Britons and Americans have so far been reported amongst the names, most of which were killed in US-led strikes, or missing.

The documents have been confirmed as genuine by Germany’s interior minister Thomas de Maizière. He also suggested that because of the new intelligence, which seems to have been compiled in 2013, tougher prison sentences will be handed out to those involved with ISIS. “Speedier, clearer investigations and stricter prison sentences” will be facilitated, he said, while the documentation they received will aid in the interpretation of “the underlying structures of this terrorist organization.”

Although the German federal police have not elaborated on the contents of the documents, media have reported that a questionnaire in their possession poses 23 questions for potential recruits. Previous experience and a willingness to participate as suicide bombers, formed but part of the would-be recruitment questionnaire, along with general information: name, phone number and address and family contacts.

The details have been said to have come from a former Free Syrian Army convert, Abu Hamed, who stole the information from Isis internal security police after becoming disillusioned with ISIS and originally handing the information to a Turkish journalist. Amongst the names on the USB memory stick were also those from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Recruits from Canada, France and Germany have also been confirmed.

One file was also confirmed by Sky News to be marked with the title “Martyrs” and contained those names willing to carry out suicide attacks.

The biggest breakthrough, however, according to Sky News, is the ‘goldmine’ listing of previously unknown jihadis across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, UK and Canada; potentially halting future terrorist attacks.


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Nathan Nicholson

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