PlanetLeak Media’s transition to Hiphop

PlanetLeak Media is a news media organization that originally started out in politics. But considering the way the owners life was going between his home burning down in late April 2016. Becoming homeless and being snitched on catching a charge, he decided to throw politics to the side for awhile and hop in the local music scene. With groups like YNC and WattsyMusicEnt and solo artists such as Josh Heatherington , Laron Carrol , Slick Watts , Ponce De’Leioun , Michael Coram , John Nice , Josh Pethtel , Kelsey Cromar and Corey Vance. There was just too much potential not to make the transition.

Also being an avid hip hop lover I feel like I could dedicate my time to this. Originally started in late 2015 the organization came to a hault in late April 2016 after the owners home burned down. The project itself being put on the back burner for awhile with intentions to pick it up again, but life carried on for a few years.

Now here we are in 2018! Trying to accomplish goals and make it to the top like other brands such as XXL, The Source, Complex, The Breakfast Club. Started in the city of Wheeling, West Virginia. We plan to expand globally and cover from underground music artists to mainstream hiphop.
We would love to create a series like No Jumper. Release information as well as tmz but surely not as annoying and Kollege Kidd. I respect all these organizations grind and hustle. We are a new brand and new to the music game in a way but not to music. We will be networking 24/7 and are always open to project possibilities.

If you are ever interested in some more information about the organization or possible collaborations on projects or for more inquiries about the artists above. Please contact the email listed below. (I do not manage or represent any of these artists.)

Nathan Nicholson

I am 23 year old activist from West Virginia.

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