Don’t Let Fox News Fool You, 67% of Americans Support Obama’s Executive Action On Gun Reform

Earlier this year AnonHQ wrote about the gun rights debate as it exists in modern America:

Recently President Obama made international headlines announcing new executive action on gun law reformation:

President Obama was recently quoted as saying: Deaths and injuries caused by gun proliferation in this country is a crisis that has reached epidemic proportions. A national crisis like this demands a national response.”

Many people do argue with this claim as an overstatement of the facts. After all obesity, tobacco, cars and even alcohol kills more Americans every year then guns. No one seems to be waging a political campaign in 2016 against any of these things:

Regardless if the problem is an ‘epidemic at the forefront of America’, gun violence does remain a problem none the less. Mr. Obama’s executive action is not a conspiracy to undermine the values of the country, in fact if you have been paying attention you would know he has wanted to do something like this from day one. With a year left in his Presidency he no longer cares about the political backlash from a Republican controlled Congress. It is no real surprise then that entering his last year, the President would do something like this. Honestly, the new legislation put forth by Mr. Obama is much less severe/extreme than many of his opponents feared it would be or are making it out to be.

In testament to this the large majority of Americans citizens actual support Mr. Obama on this particular issue. In fact according to a recent poll conducted by CNN, 67% of Americans said they favor the Presidents executive action on gun reformation:

Last year 89% of American polled said they support enacting extending background checks on guns:

Even 74% of NRA members, a traditional conservative right wing group, also support extended Federal background checks:

So as you can see the issue is not the legal aspect of making guns harder to obtain, it is over the fundamental right of Americans to own guns in the first place. The founders included it as the second amendment for a reason. One news organization worded it nicely when they said the

“American people continues to be more evenly divided in fundamental attitudes about whether it is more important to control gun ownership or to protect the right of Americans to own guns. Currently, 50% say it is more important to control gun ownership, while 47% say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns.”

This is exactly why so many people are standing with the President on this issue in 2016. The executive action does not undermine the underlying principles of the 2nd Amendment, it simply gives more resources to the government to make informed choices on who should and who should not be able to posses guns. Hopefully saving hundred or thousands of lives as a result.

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Nathan Nicholson

I am 23 year old activist from West Virginia.

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